Saturday, 20 October 2007


Thought you may want to see the pencils, just to see how much is done at the colouring stage.


As you can see this is an image of Captain Marvel.I don't have a whole lot to say about this piece other than I like it more than the last post. It's just a line drawing I added colour too for fun.



Friday, 12 October 2007


This is just an Image I finally put some colour too.There are elements I like and elements I don't. The whole point of me adding colour in he first place was just for some practice, I hope with each image I do I will learn something new and in turn will help me improve as an artist.

any way hope you enjoy.


Friday, 28 September 2007


These are a few submision pages I did about 7-8 years ago.
They are for a comic cross over book DV8 and Black ops. Just a fun book with great art I used to read, any way enjoy.

P.s. I had been asked a question about my cloak and dagger image, but I only just read it the other day so I would like to answer
it(really late). I used a round soft brush set to airbrush for the subtle skin tones as well as the high lights. also the smudge tool is great and very useful. once I'm happy with the skin I put a noise filter on another layer give that a light blur and reduce the opacity to what ever looks right. This breaks up the skin tones and gives it a more organic feel (pigmentation and pours) to the skin.

I hope that made sense,thanks for paying an interest.


Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Wednesday, 22 August 2007


Not much to say about this that I haven't already said.
I will mention that I removed(as you can see) pretty much all the detail from the hair. I drew it originally but when I came to colour the hair I wanted to get rid of the line work and produce the hair detail using only colour.

Wednesday, 15 August 2007


I've started an image that uses a collection of head shots of the x-men.
However finding the time to colour them is proving to be a problem.Plus when I post the whole image you may not be able to get as close as this on each character so I'm going to post them individually until I have finished the final piece.
so here is a before and after shot.


Tuesday, 7 August 2007


This is just an image I did messing around in my sketch book. believe it or not that's
how I draw. A friend of mine is always saying I need to sketch more, try not to worry about the lines to much and just try to capture the vibe of the image and then work my way up to the finished piece as apposed to moving straight to the finished piece.
I'm starting to do it more and more, I understand why it's done and why you need to do it, but when I'm messing around in my sketch book I always revert back to the way I have always drawn.


Saturday, 4 August 2007


Heres an obvious statement, most comic book heroes are white!
Now I'm aware that when most of the classic characters were created it was a different time, a time when colour did matter. I also understand that as a creator you should go with what you know and most creators are white, but still there are more blue, green, purple and red heroes than there are minorities. I'm not one of these guys that sees racism every where they look, this is just an observation. I just want to see more colour in comics. I do realise that this is starting to change and more and more creators from different backgrounds and countries are getting involved in comics and as a result comics are becoming more colourful which is a great thing!

I'd like to point out that this was not a comics are racist post. I am a comic book fan, always have been and always will be. I've never read a comic thinking this is another example of the white man oppressing the black man! This was simply what went through my head as I selected this image to post.

On a completely different topic, I've recently discovered a really good pod cast (if you are a comic fan) called 'Around Comics'
it's a funny show and the guys that host it, as well as making me laugh they talk passionatley about comic books. They have
gotten me really excited about comic books again which is great! It's like having a really cool comic book store and the owners
really know their stuff. They recommend books you should check out and have a laugh with you, unlike my local comic book store. So yeah, if you have even a passing interest in comics check them out.

You can subscribe through itunes or download it straight from their site

Thursday, 5 July 2007


This is an image I did in pencil years ago and thought I'd colour it.
No shading was done. It's all flat colours, the piece was originally
inspired by Mignola's work as you can tell from all the harsh shadows.
Anyway enjoy.

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Cloak and Dagger

This is something I've been playing with, just experimenting with colouring techniques and trying to find something I'm happy with. Am I happy with this .......kind of. I'll get better is all I can say. I wanted dagger to be blinding but that would make for a shit image so I dialed it back a bit. Enjoy.

Sunday, 20 May 2007

The Horde

This Image was mostly inspired by the postive response i got from my pack attack post.
It's the same vibe, a hunter battling to survive againt all odds.
When I get the time I will colour this piece.

Monday, 30 April 2007

Yes it has been awhile, the epic battle with Dell has ended with me getting a refund which i'm glad about, I just wish it hadn't taken so long.I suppose from Dells point of view they have to protect themselves from all the arse holes out there that try to rip them off and generally ruin it for the rest of us. This again is an old image but with the death of Capatian America I thought I'd post it.I hate bullshit Patriotism but I always liked Cap even before they turned him into a military super bad ass in the ultimates. So here he is I know it's just a marvel stunt and he will be back but I thought he was kind of cool.
some of the images you see here you will see again when i get around to colouring them, I'll try to post more often but it's very busy at work and will only get busier. These video games don't make themselves you know!

Thursday, 29 March 2007


Again i have to post old stuff as DELL has been upgraded to "Fucking DELL cunts"
these are all from 2000. Two of them were main villian designs for a game and the other...
well the other is Dare Devil. Why is it every one wants to have the heroes with out their uniforms these days. I haven't read DD in a while but the last time I did his uniform was no where to be seen. With the uniform he is a cool looking character, very iconic and from an artistic point of view the striking red hero looks great. With out the uniform he's a dude in sunglasses...

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Ok, so what we have here are more really old designs for characters for a comic idea I had.
The reason all my recent posts have all been old images is because fucking dell ( that's their new name by the way, "Fucking Dell")sold me a machine that doesn't work
so i've had to use my lap top to post old images i happen to have on my hard drive.

Friday, 2 March 2007

This was a character design for a game idea that was played with a number of years ago.hundreds of years in the future a terrible event has forced the human race to live undergroud. vast cities constructed underground and connected through
the subway and sewer system. Society has regressed back to a more medieval version of it's self. you play an emperial guard
that would do what ever a hero would do, protect the innocent, slay evil doers and all that stuff (yes i did get bored half way through that explanation). Any way thats where the image came from.


This image was taken from a comic i was working on. I liked the werewolves attacking the hunter and
just falling on top of him. any way i wanted a new wallpaper for my pc so i went with the black and red. i made the hunter brighter so you can pick him out a bit better but it's still a bit of a mess.
i'll go back at some point and colour it properly.


This is an image I did along time ago but having just found it I thought I'd post it

Tuesday, 13 February 2007


This is my first 90 minute post.I'm just stealing the idea from Eric Canete.
If you haven't seen his work go there now hes a very talented guy.
Any hoo, this is not really a 90 min pic, the pencils took that long and then I inked it in photoshop which took another 90 mins. What's cooler than a sniper, a sniper in a ghillie suit.

Saturday, 10 February 2007


Years ago in a company far, far away...
My team and I were asked to come up with
some new ideas for our next video game.
So if you like comics and work in the video
games industry you start with how cool it would
be to work on a (insert favorite super heroes name)
game. Seeing how no one has ever made a good super
hero game, ever! How ever in this instance we started
talking about cool villains. The best villains ever were
the Nazis, hands down the best(just in case you are retarded and need this explaining to you,I don't think the Nazis were cool! I think that as villians no one is more evil!). Seeing as how Captain
America was born during WWII how cool would it be
to play Cap on his first mission going after the Red Skull!
Yeah, you'd be dropped behind enemy lines make your way
to the Skull's base of operations, a mountain top medieval castle! fight your
way through storm troopers, zombies, experiments gone
wrong, tanks and all kinds of cool stuff in order to reach and stop the Red Skull. After you defeated him you have to stop
the V2 rocket by jumping on it and forcing it to crash. You go down with the rocket into the sea and you're frozen in a block of ice.The rest is history, cool yeah lets do that..........nah lets do some remake of something shit and finally make everybody redundant. Well that little rant explains the pictures.


Zombie Nazi

Monday, 5 February 2007

Close up

Looking at that last post, i realise
that the tank is so big that you
can't see the girl. The girl is the
best part of the image - i think, so
here's a close up.


So this is my blog. To start things off i've posted this image of a girl lifting a tank.
Just an image i was playing around with and this is were i ended up.