Thursday, 29 March 2007


Again i have to post old stuff as DELL has been upgraded to "Fucking DELL cunts"
these are all from 2000. Two of them were main villian designs for a game and the other...
well the other is Dare Devil. Why is it every one wants to have the heroes with out their uniforms these days. I haven't read DD in a while but the last time I did his uniform was no where to be seen. With the uniform he is a cool looking character, very iconic and from an artistic point of view the striking red hero looks great. With out the uniform he's a dude in sunglasses...

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Ok, so what we have here are more really old designs for characters for a comic idea I had.
The reason all my recent posts have all been old images is because fucking dell ( that's their new name by the way, "Fucking Dell")sold me a machine that doesn't work
so i've had to use my lap top to post old images i happen to have on my hard drive.

Friday, 2 March 2007

This was a character design for a game idea that was played with a number of years ago.hundreds of years in the future a terrible event has forced the human race to live undergroud. vast cities constructed underground and connected through
the subway and sewer system. Society has regressed back to a more medieval version of it's self. you play an emperial guard
that would do what ever a hero would do, protect the innocent, slay evil doers and all that stuff (yes i did get bored half way through that explanation). Any way thats where the image came from.


This image was taken from a comic i was working on. I liked the werewolves attacking the hunter and
just falling on top of him. any way i wanted a new wallpaper for my pc so i went with the black and red. i made the hunter brighter so you can pick him out a bit better but it's still a bit of a mess.
i'll go back at some point and colour it properly.


This is an image I did along time ago but having just found it I thought I'd post it