Tuesday, 13 February 2007


This is my first 90 minute post.I'm just stealing the idea from Eric Canete.
If you haven't seen his work go there now hes a very talented guy.
Any hoo, this is not really a 90 min pic, the pencils took that long and then I inked it in photoshop which took another 90 mins. What's cooler than a sniper, a sniper in a ghillie suit.

Saturday, 10 February 2007


Years ago in a company far, far away...
My team and I were asked to come up with
some new ideas for our next video game.
So if you like comics and work in the video
games industry you start with how cool it would
be to work on a (insert favorite super heroes name)
game. Seeing how no one has ever made a good super
hero game, ever! How ever in this instance we started
talking about cool villains. The best villains ever were
the Nazis, hands down the best(just in case you are retarded and need this explaining to you,I don't think the Nazis were cool! I think that as villians no one is more evil!). Seeing as how Captain
America was born during WWII how cool would it be
to play Cap on his first mission going after the Red Skull!
Yeah, you'd be dropped behind enemy lines make your way
to the Skull's base of operations, a mountain top medieval castle! fight your
way through storm troopers, zombies, experiments gone
wrong, tanks and all kinds of cool stuff in order to reach and stop the Red Skull. After you defeated him you have to stop
the V2 rocket by jumping on it and forcing it to crash. You go down with the rocket into the sea and you're frozen in a block of ice.The rest is history, cool yeah lets do that..........nah lets do some remake of something shit and finally make everybody redundant. Well that little rant explains the pictures.


Zombie Nazi

Monday, 5 February 2007

Close up

Looking at that last post, i realise
that the tank is so big that you
can't see the girl. The girl is the
best part of the image - i think, so
here's a close up.


So this is my blog. To start things off i've posted this image of a girl lifting a tank.
Just an image i was playing around with and this is were i ended up.